Bad Blood
John Carreyrou
Contributed by Andrea Barraza

New York Times - How One Company Scammed Silicon Valley. And How It Got Caught. (by Roger Lowenstein / May 21 2018)

Lowenstein opens his article by presenting the readers with a history of the Theranos company and what John revealed in his book. In his opinion, the book has a few minor flaws which can make it hard to understand. One of them is the fact that a multitude of characters are introduced in each chapter and because of that, the reader reaches a point when it becomes hard to keep track of all of them. He also relies frequently on stereotypes in his description and this might alter the truth. When it comes to describing Holmes, Carreyrou makes us imagine her as a maniac leader even though all these information might need a psychologist support. Further, the article writer focuses on describing the main points of interest of this book and ends it by stating that one of the major problems is represented by the fact that Silicon Valley is seen as a place where fantasies can come true which is not always real.

The Economist - The rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes, Silicon Valley’s startup queen. (by The Economist / May 31 2018)

On this website, the writer states that the book is becoming interesting especially when the journalist gets involved too and the continuous battle between Ms. Holmes and himself is presented. It presents all the illegal activities Elizabeth was involved in and also the fact that Carreyrou never managed to actually get to close to her in order to really find out what were her motives. Because of that, the book focuses more on what really happened than Elizabeth's desires and thoughts. Nevertheless, another oversight is represented by the fact that the writer didn't examine closely the companies origin. It is stated that Ms. Holmes actually submitted a patent form for a medical device during her summer internship in Singapore, but neither of this information is mentioned in the book. In his opinion, the story is not over yet. There are still many other secrets that are waiting to be discovered.

New York Magazine - The Reporter Who Took Down a Unicorn (by Yashar Ali/24 May 2018)

Yashar defines the book Bad Blood as being great and sometimes the stories to seem unbelievable because of the level of fraud and surveillance and nevertheless legal intimidation which are presented. For the rest of the article, the writer focuses on briefly presenting each character from the book and their connection with the company. The main point of it is to underline the fact that Holmes, from an early age, managed to lie to many experienced people who should have sensed that something just doesn't fit. This is the characteristic that makes Elizabeth unique, as probably many other people who would be in her situation wouldn't be able to achieve such a thing. The irony is that everything was revealed at the moment when a reporter who was 3,000 miles from them started suspecting that something is not right.

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