Michelle Obama
Contributed by Eleanor Sherer
Chapter 22

The author starts the chapter by describing a bad dream she had, a reflection of her insecurity. Obama states that despite the tight security afforded to her family, she still felt vulnerable knowing that “everything from the safety of our daughters to the orchestration of my movements lay almost entirely in the hands of other people” (Obama 284). Being a detailed person, Obama asserts that she felt as if she had lost control. Months after Donald Trump levelled political insinuations about Barack’s allegiance to his nation, Michelle states that an anonymous man “started firing a semiautomatic rifle outside the window, aimed at the top floors of the White House” (Obama 291).

Michelle also describes the challenges associated with the Presidency as well as those of being married to a President. However, regardless of the difficulties, Barack and Michelle knew they represented the nation and thus were required to step forward and be present when there was hardship, tragedy, or confusion (Obama 285). While Barack was focusing on hunting down Osama Bin Landen, Michelle, on the other hand, was continuing with her nonprofit initiatives such and mentoring programs.


Michelle seems to express her fears while living at the White House. Although she trusted the Secret Service security afforded to them, she felt insecure. The political accusations that we directed at them increased her feelings of vulnerability at the White House. Nonetheless, the author seems to be pointing out that regardless of their security fears and the insinuations about their life, background, and loyalty to their nation, she had learned not to dwell on the risks or acknowledge the hatred that people showed them. Both Barack and Michelle had to focus on their primary purpose and goal of serving the nation.

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