Michelle Obama
Contributed by Eleanor Sherer
Chapter 23

Life at first was very demanding as Michele had to balance playing the role of a First Lady with that of being a mother, indeed she states that there was so much to be done that she lost count, making it difficult to keep track. She states that with the presidential election around the corner, she could neither afford to rest nor anything. After meeting with Nelson Mandela during one of her goodwill visits, Michelle states that Mandela's sacrifice for his nation motivated and propelled her. She learned that change is a gradual process and, thus, had to be patient (Obama 302). The author accounts the challenges faced by Barack's administration, particularly from the Republican Congress. Regardless of the proposed bills geared toward improving Americans lives, he would always face resistance. She reveals that the main reasons why Republicans blocked his proposed bills were "for President Obama to be a one-term president" (Obama 302). Michelle states that not only did she feel demoralized and infuriated, but also emotional, something that her husband could not afford to feel.

The campaign period was busy. Barack and his administration had to persuade Americans to reelect them. On election day, Michelle states that she was anxious and at the same time frighten of what the future had to bring. For the last four years, their daughters had established a community and friendships, and Michelle did not want to upend their lives again. The campaign trail had worn out both Michelle and Barack and to make matters worse, they were not sure whether the news would be good or worse (Obama 305). However, with Barack’s eventual reelection, both Michelle and Barack were hopeful for the future.


In this chapter, Obama shows how she understood from the beginning that Barack’s hopeful reelection would always face resistance, regardless of how good his ideas were. In light of Republicans blocking the proposed bills, regardless of the fact that they were intended to help Americans, made Michele view politics as a disaster, thereby elevating her dislike of politics even further. She claims that racism was so apparent that Congress would fail to acknowledge a good bill with the sole intention of making Barack's time in office look like a failure. administration. Most importantly, with an increase in gun violence, Michelle admits that most people in power would not support gun control measures as she claims that they were more interested in collecting donations than they were in protecting the streets.

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