Michelle Obama
Contributed by Eleanor Sherer
Chapter 24

In their second term, Michelle and Barack’s daughters, Malia and Sasha had turned out to be well-adjusted teenagers with a social circle that had nothing to do with their parents (Obama 316). This chapter accounts for Barack's final years in the White House, a year Michelle describes as “a long series of lasts” (Obama 323). There were balls to attend, trips and last commencement speeches to be made. The presidential campaign activities were at their most intense with Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump running for president. The Obamas were, obviously, supporting Hillary Clinton as they believed her to understand the demands of the presidency as well as the temperament to lead a nation.

When Barack announced that the "results in Florida are looking kind of strange", it became apparent that Trump would win the election (Obama 328). Michelle states that she could not understand why women rejected a qualified candidate like Hillary and opted for a "misogynist" as their President.


This chapter focuses on the final years of the Obama administration in the White House as well as the presidential campaigns. It is evident that Michelle had a lot to do, finalizing multiple duties before leaving the White House. The discussion in this chapter describe her feelings that Trumps' comments during the presidential campaign violated the set standard of decency. For that reason, among many others, the Obamas decided to support Hillary Clinton since they felt she was capable and had what it takes to lead America. It was almost assumed that Hilary would win; however, the election results came as a shock. Donald Trump would succeed Obama, a fact that Michelle and much of the nation were not ready to process.

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