Michelle Obama
Contributed by Eleanor Sherer

Review by Connally, 2018

Connally starts by describing Michelle Obama numerous interviews prior to the release of her book Becoming. Connally felt that she had heard all of Michelle’s stories and, thus, was reluctant to purchase the book (Connally par.2). However, Connally admits to having been mistaken since Becoming is not only a page turner, but also an interesting book that allows Michelle to provide a first-hand meaning to the term “First Lady,” while accounting stories which mirror the lives of American women, be they white, Hispanic, black, or Asian.

Connally touches om some of the most important details in Michelle’s life, such as Michelle and Barack’s relationship. Connally asserts that the book provides readers with a new perspective on the handsome couple seen in the media and the Barack that people came to know as the President. Connally purports that the book reveals to the readers how organized women succeed in the company of a rootless, free-spirited, cigarette smoking Harvard law students (Connally par.3). Connally compares Michelle with other United States First Ladies such as Martha Washington, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Jackie Kennedy and their approach to the role of First Lady. According to Connally, Michelle Obama is an assertive, smart, and forceful woman who was good enough to set the norm for the future generations of First Ladies. Being the only African American First Lady, Connally states that Michelle’s evolvement into a political wife subjected her to numerous media scrutiny. Connally states that Michelle balanced the demands of a First lady and motherhood.

Connally's review attentively covers Michelle's primary accounts of her life while incorporating her views. Connally does not argue with any story accounted in Becoming, instead, she appears to reinforce Michelle’s position and viewpoints. She recommends people to take their time to read the book.

Review by Conrad, 2018

Conrad describes the book Becoming as an anecdote and uplifting, a balance between grace and gravity, and an interesting book whose single sentence describes Michelle as adorable and admirable (Conrad par.2). Conrad also praises Michelle’s ability to compliment others by providing two examples of Barack and Santita, Michelle’s teenage friend. Conrad analyses Michelle’s relationship with Barack, describing Michelle as forgiving for bearing with Barack’s smoking, despite feeling disgusted about it.

Conrad also describes how power institutionalized Barack and Michelle by making them use their Secret Service Code names ‘Potus’ and ‘Flotus’ respectively. Conrad also discusses some of Michelle’s contributions in the White House such as the vegetable garden initiative (Conrad par.7). In addition, Conrad acknowledges that Michelle is an extraordinary mother who treasures her daughters. Conrad states his favorite scene in the book as being when the Obama’s are finally away from the harsh spotlight, in their new Washington home, alone.

Conrad’s book review thoughtfully covers Michelle’s life from Chicago to her life in the White House. He finishes by trying to convince readers to buy the book and goes ahead to provide a link where anyone interested can order the book online.

Review by Szalai, 2018

Szalai starts by clarifying to anyone wondering whether Michelle Obama is running for the presidency that she is not. Szalai notes that Michelle emerges as a woman that strongly believes in her husband’s capabilities. The author touches on parts of Michelle’s life such as how she earned respect from a prominent bully. Szalai uses this event to relate with Michelle’s lifelong stance of speaking out against intimidators without stooping to their low level (Szalai par.5).

Szalai goes ahead to describe the three sections of the book: “Becoming Me,” Becoming Us,” and Becoming More.”. Szalai states that the book becomes more moving when Michelle starts comparing her humble upbringing with the glamorous life she has today. Szalai sums up her review by providing her analysis about Michelle Obama, and that regardless of the efforts by conservatives to taint Michelle’s name a decade ago, Szalai asserts that Michelle appears to be a “measured, methodical centrist as heart” (Szalai par.13).

Szalai presents an accurate review of the book and presents it in a persuading manner. She acknowledges Michelle’s challenges in becoming a politician’s spouse as well as the only African American First Lady. The review clearly demonstrates to readers why they should indeed read the book.

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