Anonymous Anglo-Saxon poet
Contributed by Karim Chandra
Lines 1905-2199

Beowulf and his men sail together towards home. They reach the stronghold of King Hygelac of the Geats. They are introduced to queen Hygd. The poet goes on to tell a tale regarding the goodness that the queen has. He contrasts her character to that of an evil queen known as Modthryth. King Hygelac welcomes Beowulf to the kingdom. Beowulf shares about his experience to the land of the Danes. He also talks about the history of the Danes, detailing about the experiences they had with the Heathobards. He also describes his views regarding forboding towards marriage He states that while the action is aimed towards removing feuds that exist between two people or countries, it has a high likelihood of failing, thereby, creating detrimental outcomes. Beowulf also talks about the battle he had with Grendel’s mother and the success that he achieved in the end. He also presents before King Hygelac and his wife the treasures King Hrothgar gave him. He, thereby, gives Queen Hydg necklace (the priceless torque) that Wealhtheow had given him. King Hygelac, in return, presents to Beowulf many tracts of land and a large sword to honor the success that he had achieved over time.


The coming back home of Beowulf accords him the opportunity to details news about the Danes as well as other experiences that he had faced while in their land. He also does not seem to talk much about the achievements he has had at the place. He also seems to show a high level of loyalty towards King Hrothgar. He also seems to show the great level of loyalty that he has towards his home country. Through the speech of Beowulf, the audience also gets the idea that he might have hinted about the possibility of him being given the throne of the Danes. He also sticks to the heroic code and hands over the treasures that he has gathered from the land of the Danes to his king. Failure to doing so would be a mark of disloyalty, which he does not seem to take up.

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