Big Little Lies
Liane Moriarty
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Liane Moriarty
Year Published
About the Title

Was it a murder, a tragic accident, or just good parenting gone bad? What is incontrovertible in the novel Big Little Lies is that someone is dead. Written by Liane Moriarty, the novel is a mystery thriller accounting for three women who are at different crossroads in their lives (Big Little Lies par.1). Madeline is a funny and passionate woman who remembers everything but pardons no one; Celeste is beautiful, kind, and a wealthy individual thanks to her husband, Perry; and Jane is a young and enigmatic single mother who is new to town, running away from her secretive past, and who ends up befriending both Celeste and Madeline (Moriarty 35). 

Big Little Lies reveals the occurrences culminating to a sudden death at Pirriwee Primary School’s trivia event. Six months prior, Jane is driving to the school’s kindergarten orientation day with Ziggy, her son, and meets Madeline. After striking an instant friendship, Jane desires to make a new beginning at Pirriwee and forget her painful past (Moriarty 30). However, when Ziggy is blamed for harassing another student, it appears as though the change of location is not what Jane had hoped for.
At the same time, Madeline is dealing with the hurdles of a blended stepfamily. Abigail, Madeline’s daughter, adores her father, Nathan (who has become her ex-husband), and wants to live with him (Moriarty 30). Adding insult to injury, Nathan and his new wife, Bonnie, enrolled their daughter at Pirriwee’s kindergarten as well. Celeste, Madeline’s friend, is also enrolling her twins at the same school, and she also forms a friendship with Jane.

As the school starts, events begin to unfold, such as enmity and discords developing, secrets and truths bubbling to the surface, and someone who is about to lose his or her life. The occurrence of the mysterious death forces Jane, Celeste, and Madeline to confront their own traumatic histories. 

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