Big Little Lies
Liane Moriarty
Contributed by Greta Venegas
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Chapter 10

Ziggy had been sleeping in her mother’s bed since the incident at the kindergarten. Jane woke up from a very bad dream, where Ziggy trying to choke her. She tries to forget the thought that her beautiful, calm, and sweet boy could ever harm anyone (Moriarty 57). Jane recalls her mother’s outrageous reaction after telling her what had happened on orientation day. According to Ziggy’s grandmother, he had taken after his grandfather, who was also a calm man that would not even hurt a fly. Jane recalls the bruise on Amabella’s skin but tries to put off the thought that her sweet son was capable of choking Renata’s daughter, believing that she knew her son well enough to defend him. 


In this chapter, the author focuses on Jane’s thoughts on her son’s ability to hurt someone — in this case, Amabella. Her nightmares about Ziggy choking her were worrisome, and leading her to wonder whether he had actually performed the act. This leaves the reader with reasonable doubt.

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