Big Little Lies
Liane Moriarty
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 12

Detective-Sergeant Quinlan continues to investigate what happened at the trivia night. He is trying to look at the case from all possible angles and motives. 

The chapter begins four months before the trivia evening. Chloe wants to have a play date with Ziggy, but Ed is not sure if he wants Abigail to be in the company of a child he considers dangerous (Moriarty 63). She defends Ziggy, and tells her husband that Jane’s son is not guilty and their daughter could easily defend herself. Abigail suggests that Chloe should have a playdate with Skye, their half-sister. However, Madeline states that Skye is not Chloe’s half-sister, yet she is to Abigail. Madeline notices that Abigail is not eating; when she asks why, Abigail states that she is going to become a vegan. She could not believe that her daughter wants to be a vegan like Bonnie (Moriarty 65).


In this chapter, the author seems to be suggesting that Peninsula residents already view Ziggy as a dangerous child, and hence should keep their children from playing with him. Madeline continues to show her support to Jane by defending her son, telling Ed that Ziggy was innocent. In addition, Bonnie seems to be having a significant influence on Abigail’s behavior, to the point that Madeline is unable to tolerate in her house. 

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