Big Little Lies
Liane Moriarty
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 18

Madeline and Ed take Chloe to school. Madeline is having a bad day because of her post-menstrual dysphoric disorder (PMS) and tries to stay calm to avoid getting into a fight. They run into Nathan, who pretends as if he has never had a child start school before, and mentions he “got a bit teary” when he “saw Skye in her school uniform” (Moriarty 94). Subsequently, Madeline interjects telling Nathan that Skye is not his first child to go to school. 

Jane and her parents join Madeline’s company and after a brief introduction, Her mother states that Ziggy was not invited to the party. From a distance, Madeline can see Celeste, who always came late. The twins see Ziggy and Chloe, and shout, “Let’s go kill them” (Moriarty 97). Celeste warns the boys from saying such words but they respond euphorically that Chloe and Ziggy like it. Meanwhile, Madeline confronts Renata for excluding Ziggy from attending her daughter’s birthday party, and declares war. 


Renata’s decision to exclude Ziggy from her daughter’s birthday party is likely to cause a rift among parents. Madeline continues to defend Ziggy. However, the author seems to suggest that Ziggy might have indeed harassed Amabella, which is made evident by the twins’ statement (that Chloe and Ziggy loved pretending to kill). 

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