Big Little Lies
Liane Moriarty
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 19

Jane’s parents invite Madeline and Ed out to the café for lunch. Jane’s mother, Di, goes for a private chat with Madeline on the seaside (Moriarty 103). She reveals that Jane has been very unhappy for the last six years and is seemingly drifting away from her. Di is happy that Jane, at least, has a friend in Madeline. But she is unhappy with the fact that Renata did not invite Ziggy to Amabella’s party. Madeline promises Di that she will take care of Jane (Moriarty 105). The author ends the chapter with an interviewee commenting about how Madeleine appeared to be overly protective of Jane.


The author wants to show the readers the extent of a parent’s love, which is great and immeasurable.The chapter primarily focuses on Di, Jane’s mother, thanking Madeline for being friends with Jane and requesting that she is looked after. Despite knowing that her daughter would dislike her problems being shared with Madeline, she is ready to take the risk — so as long as Jane has someone to look after her. 

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