Big Little Lies
Liane Moriarty
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 22

It is now three months before the trivia night. The twins are asleep. Celeste and Perry are watching The Walking Dead — their third episode in a row(Moriarty 115). Perry asks Celeste whether they are attending Amabella’s birthday party, but she informs him that the twins will be going to Disney on Ice instead. He becomes angry at the fact that he is not included despite being away from his family for three weeks. After Celeste apologizes for being inconsiderate, her husband grabs her hand so firm that he ends up hurting her.

Celeste recalls the first time Perry had hurt her: when the twins were less eight months old (Moriarty 118). She vowed to leave him if he injures her again. However, Celeste reveals that her love for Perry and the twins inhibit her from leaving, and makes excuses for Perry’s actions — as emotional problems — and decides to stay. 


Moriarty resists the theme of domestic violence through the presentation of Perry as an abusive and aggressive husband, who hurts his wife and later apologizes with gifts, such as pieces of jewelry, to cover for his actions. The author details to the reader how domestic violence victims, such as Celeste, make excuses for their partners, taking the blame for their abusive relationship, and gradually coming to terms with the need to leave the marriage.

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