Big Little Lies
Liane Moriarty
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 26

Celeste’s mind was pondering over what had happened the previous night. The couple had fought the previous night over the twin’s small plastic bricks (Lego), with Perry complaining about how Celeste was turning the boys into spoiled brats. Celeste defends them, saying that they are fine and often become too tired after school to arrange their toys. When he states that he does not want to live in a pigsty, Celeste responds, “so pick them up yourself” (Moriarty 135). Her husband’s response triggers the ensuing fight between the two, where Perry ends up slapping Celeste and leading her to stagger and finally hitting her knee against the table.

Celeste’s thoughts are cut short by the sound of a starter gun. Madeline triumphs the race but Renata declares Bonnie the winner. However, Bonnie says that Madeline is the winner. Madeline plucks the blue winner’s ribbon from the Year 6 mother’s hand and presses it into Bonnie’s palm, declaring her the winner (Moriarty 138).


Celeste and Perry’s marriage continues its descent, where Perry continues to hit Celeste for trivial reasons. Yet, Celeste continues to find excuses for not leaving Perry and blames herself for always starting the fight. Also, despite Madeleine having won the race, she allows Bonnie to take the winner’s ribbon presenting it to her as if she was entrusting one of the children. She says, “you beat me fair and square” (Moriarty 138). The author seems to suggest that Bonnie has managed to take Abigail from Madeline, and has won.

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