Big Little Lies
Liane Moriarty
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 29

[One month before the trivia night] While Ziggy is taking his bath, Jane is reading the book Madeline has chosen for their first book club meeting — one written and set in the 1920s that had lots of sex, drugs, and murder (Moriarty 147). Jane is in the middle of a sex scene, which triggers feelings within her. The scene brings back old memories, which revokes a sudden flare of anger. However, she is interrupted by Ziggy who requests for an egg slicer spoon to play with as he takes his bath (Moriarty 148).

Jane goes to the kitchen and decides to confirm the date for presenting the family tree project. She feels guilty after realizing that Ziggy was right and she was wrong. She realizes that they will need a large piece of cardboard; it is past 7 p.m. and all the shops are closed. Jane decides to text Madeline requesting her help with a spare sheet of cardboard. She instructs Ziggy to get out of the bathtub. When Ziggy refuses and insists on having the egg slicer spoon, a fight ensues; Jane yells at her son, who subsequently throws a tantrum (Moriarty 151). In the process of them making up, Madeline knocks at the door and has brought the cardboard with her. 


The author shows the challenges of raising a child alone. Jane has become occupied to the point of mixing up the dates and realizing that Ziggy’s family tree project is almost late for presentation. She is irritated and feels guilty for disappointing her son, who has no one else to depend on apart from his mother. Luckily, Madeline comes to Jane’s rescue with a sheet of cardboard, keeping her word of protecting and looking after Jane. As for the book Jane is reading, it seems to remind her about her past sexual encounter, particularly the night she always tries to forget. 

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