Big Little Lies
Liane Moriarty
Contributed by Greta Venegas
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Chapter 33

Celeste has an appointment with Susi, the domestic violence therapist. She tries to account for her relationship with Perry admitting that he hurts her and later apologizes. Susi asks Celeste whether she has ever feared for her life. Celeste again defends Perry, saying that he has never tried to kill — her apart from one night, when he pressed her face into the corner of a couch (Moriarty 173). She also states that Perry is a good father and has never laid a finger on the twins, otherwise she would have already left him. Their relationship is like a seesaw: whenever Perry becomes physical with her, she is on the winning side as he ends up feeling guilty and later apologizing; on the other hand, when Celeste angers Perry, he ends up having all the power by hurting her (Moriarty 175). Finally, Susi tells Celeste that Perry will hurt her again and they need to come up with a strategy for the next time Perry beats her (Moriarty 176).


Celeste has decided to seek professional help from a domestic violence counselor, one that was far away from Pirriwee so to avoid running into anyone she knew. During their session, Moriarty reveals Celeste’s self-blame for the violence and continues to defend Perry.

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