Big Little Lies
Liane Moriarty
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 36

While Mrs. Lipmann, the school principal, had scheduled to meet Jane and Renata at different times, they both end up arriving at around the same time. She tells Jane that Amabella has been a victim of secret bullying over the past month (Moriarty 189). While Renata is convinced that Ziggy is responsible, Jane does not believe Ziggy could be the one harassing Amabella and indicates that her son has a good male role model (Moriarty 190). Subsequently, Renata becomes furious at Jane, and simply wants Ziggy “to stay the hell away from her daughter” [Amabella] (Moriarty 193).


The author continues cementing her earlier theme on school bullying. While it is apparent that Amabella is secretly being bullied, Renata continues to assert that Ziggy is the culprit. However, Jane defends her son believing that Ziggy is innocent.

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