Big Little Lies
Liane Moriarty
Contributed by Greta Venegas
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Chapter 37

Abigail is staying the weekend over at her mother’s (Moriarty 194). Madeline continues to feel bad that Abigail is living with Bonnie, and she has to act as a host to her daughter, whom she does not know how to approach or talk to anymore. She asks her daughter what she is reading, and she is surprised by how Abigail seems to have transformed. Instead of playing with makeup and dolls, as a fourteen-year-old should be, Abigail is busy reading an article on “child marriage and sex slavery” (Moriarty 196). Madeline feels a sudden anger towards Bonnie and Nathan because her daughter was too young to learn about human trafficking. The article makes Abigail emotional and wants to do something. However, before Madeline could ask Abigail what she intends to do, Nathan shows up to fetch Abigail home.


The author uses this chapter to show how parenting varies from one family to another. Now that Abigail is living under the care of her stepmother, Madeline realizes that her daughter has transformed and ends up feeling as if Bonnie is challenging her parenting. She feels that Bonnie is exposing her daughter to things that a child the age of Abigail should not be allowed to know, such as human trafficking. However, Madeline seems powerless do anything since it was Abigail’s choice to live with Nathan and Bonnie.

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