Big Little Lies
Liane Moriarty
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 48

It is late, and Madeline stands in her living room wondering what to do (Moriarty 234). She decides to look up Abigail’s social media accounts, on Instagram and Facebook, to check her daughter’s online presence — and to possibly stalk her. She finds a comment from her daughter’s friend about Abigail’s project, which involves the auctioning of her virginity to the highest bidder. In response, Abagail tells her friend that the project is top secret. Madeline remembers that tomorrow is Abigail’s math tuition and she is required to sleep early. Upon texting her about it, she learns from Abigail that Nathan had canceled her math tuition. Madeline becomes infuriated and decides to call Nathan in the middle of the night to find out why he had canceled the math training without first informing her (Moriarty 237).


Moriarty uses this chapter to show Madeline’s rejection of the idea that Abigail had chosen Nathan over her. Madeline is enraged by the fact that Nathan never showed interest when Abigail was young, but now has the audacity to make decisions affecting her daughter without informing her. It hurts Madeline that she cannot see or live with her daughter like before.

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