Big Little Lies
Liane Moriarty
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 53

Jane has taken Ziggy to the psychologist, who has informed Jane that Ziggy is a lovely boy with a sense of empathy and sensitivity to other people (Moriarty 257). She also believes that Ziggy is neither a bully nor a psychopath. Jane is relieved at the assessment and tears of joy run down her cheeks. The psychologist informs Jane that they talked about Ziggy’s father, to which Jane informs her that he was not a good person (Moriarty 258).


Jane is striving to seek an assurance from a psychologist regarding her son’s ability to bully other kids. She is happy to hear that Ziggy is empathic and sensitive to others, and is incapable of harassing others. However, it seems most likely that a bully has threatened him, which supports Ziggy’s avoidant behavior whenever Jane asks him.

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