Big Little Lies
Liane Moriarty
Contributed by Greta Venegas
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Chapter 54

The chapter opens with Celeste and Perry driving back home after the school assembly (Moriarty 259). Celeste studied her husband’s expression to see whether her threat of leaving had infuriated him — of which it did not seem to. He informs his wife that he has an errand to cover but will see her later in the evening (Moriarty 260). However, he unexpectedly decides to go into the house with Celeste. After ushering her in, he pulls her by the hair, twists it, and grabs her so hard and so powerfully that pain radiates through her head (Moriarty 260). Perry threatens to kill her if she ever humiliates him again. 


Moriarty returns to the theme of domestic violence and demonstrates the extent at which Perry goes to punish Celeste for falling out-of-line — or, in this case, humiliating him in public. He cannot bear the shame of being embarrassed in front of his friends, to which she responds by threatening to kill her if it ever happens again. This indicates that Perry’s anger and emotional disability is escalating by the day. 

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