Big Little Lies
Liane Moriarty
Contributed by Greta Venegas
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Chapter 55

Madeline is at work and is about to make a business call to Lorraine, the advertising representative (Moriarty 262). She was dreading it because she knew it would turn into a social call. But Lorraine shares some juicy gossip with her. Apparently, Renata’s husband was cheating on Renata with the house cleaner, Juliette. Although Madeline dislikes Renata, she feels that she does not deserve to have a cheating husband (Moriarty 264). Lorraine also mentions the secret project that Abigail is involved in, and states that Abigail’s peers are not in support of it. After hanging up the phone, Madeline texts Abigail asking her to call her once she gets her text. Sometime later, she receives a call from Nathan, pleading for her to not be mad.


Moriarty continues to reveal more societal issues, such as cheating. Geoff, Renata’s husband, is cheating with the house cleaner. Although Renata is completely unaware of this, the news is spreading within the community. The author leaves readers wondering what Renata will do when she finds out about the truth.

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