Big Little Lies
Liane Moriarty
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 58

Jane takes Ziggy down to the beach to have some morning tea at Blue Blues before going to school (Moriarty 273). Once again, she is considering the idea of moving since her lease will be up for renewal in two weeks’ time. When she asks Ziggy about it, he says he wants to stay because of his newfound friends. He names some of his friends, such as Fred and Amabella. Jane asks if he knows who was hurting her (Moriarty 274). Ziggy states that he cannot say, but Jane convinces him to write the names down instead.

While Ziggy is writing, Harper and her husband, Graeme, come in. Graeme goes over to threaten Jane since Harper claimed that she had assaulted her. Right at that moment, Tom jumps to Jane’s defense and kicks Harper and Graeme out of the café (Moriarty 277). At that moment, Jane realizes that she has made so many wonderful friends in Peninsula and does not want to move.

Finally, she looks at the note that Ziggy had written and discovers that Max, one of Celeste’s twins, was the one bullying Amabella (Moriarty 279).


At long last, the author finally reveals who the real bully is. Max, one of Celeste’s twins, was the actual bully, and who had also threatened to kill Amabella if she revealed the truth to anyone. While it is not unusual for bullies to compel their victims into concealing the truth through threats, society is to blame for condemning the wrong child because of all for the wrong reasons — such as one that was raised by a single mother, and foregoing the consideration that every child can be a bully despite their family background.

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