Big Little Lies
Liane Moriarty
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 6

Moriarty begins the chapter by describing the effects of champagne on Jane. Although she was not drunk, the champagne had left her feeling happy. Jane recalls her mother’s advice to make new friends when Ziggy started school, all of which having been failures with mother groups and hence not seeing the need. Nonetheless, despite Jane not having anything in common with Celeste and Madeline, except for the fact that their children were starting kindergarten at Pirriwee Public, she felt a sense of relationship with them (Moriarty 41).

While waiting for their children to be released, a crowd of other parents soon started forming around them. Madeline introduced Jane to the other moms, telling everyone the story of how she twisted her ankle. Meanwhile, Renata, a woman with a crisp gray symmetrical haircut and intense eyes, appeared in front of Jane and stretched-out her hand in greeting (Moriarty 43). She proceeded to introduce her daughter, Amabella, and her son’s nanny to her. It is apparent that Renata had also mistaken Jane for a nanny, and believed that nannies should get to know each other. Eventually, Madeline intervenes and informs Renata that Jane was a young mother in the same school. However, before Jane could say anything, the kindergarten teacher ushered the children out of the classroom (Moriarty 44).

Ziggy was among the last kids to appear and was followed by a little curly-haired girl, being Amabella. Prior to leaving, the kindergarten teacher calls out to the parents indicating that they need to have a little chat. Unfortunately, Amabella was harassed by one of the kindergarten boys and the teacher needed the culprit to apologize (Moriarty 45). The teacher requests the boys to make a line in front of Amabella for the purpose of identification. Amabella surveys the line and identifies Ziggy as her harasser.

The author breaks to another scene where she reveals Detective-Sergeant Quinlan’s murder investigation results. The detective notes “the victim suffered right-rib fractures, a shattered pelvis, fractured base of skull, right foot and lower vertebrae” (Moriarty 47). 


In this chapter, the author is cementing her earlier assertion that Jane, Celeste, and Madeleine will be good friends. Madeline seems to defend Jane from Renata when she mistakes her to be a nanny or foreign domestic assistant, while indirectly suggesting a possible conflict between the two is about to take place. Amabella had just identified Ziggy as the boy who had harassed her; based on Renata’s rage, it was not going to end well.

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