Big Little Lies
Liane Moriarty
Contributed by Greta Venegas
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Chapter 61

Jane takes Ziggy back to school after spending the day at his grandparents’ place. She tells Ziggy that he did the right thing by revealing that Max was bullying Amabella (Moriarty 286). Jane does not know whom she should tell first — Miss Barnes, Celeste, or Miss Lipmann. She asks her son why Amabella had initially pointed at him, to which Ziggy states that Max had threatened to hurt her whenever the adults are not around (Moriarty 286). Before arriving at the school, Mrs. Ponder tells Jane to remove lice from Ziggy’s head. Unfortunately, Thea, one of the parents, passes by and finds Mrs. Ponder taking the head lice off Ziggy’s head — who subsequently spreads the news that Ziggy’s hair is full of lice, which could also spread to other kids.  


The truth continues to unveil about the orientation day. Apparently, Amabella had been threatened by Max not to tell anyone or else she would be bullied when adults are not around. Filled with fear, Amabella puts the blame on Ziggy. It is also clear in this chapter that Renata’s team is determined to find any excuse to isolate Ziggy from their kids. Thea seems happy to inform other parents that Ziggy’s hair is full of lice, thereby warning the parents to keep their kids away from him (Ziggy). 

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