Big Little Lies
Liane Moriarty
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 66

Perry and the twins are downstairs in the kitchen preparing breakfast (Moriarty 301).  The kids loves cooking with their father and this influenced Celeste’s decision to leave. She remembers an article she had read about how every marriage has its own love account (Moriarty 301). In Celeste’s case, when Perry slammed her head against a wall, he strained their relationship; while getting up early to prepare breakfast for her rekindles Celeste’s love for Perry. 

Celeste remembers that trivia night is this evening, and that Perry will be flying to Hawaii the following day. She plans to pack and leave with the kids once he is away. She will also find a good lawyer to help her with the kid’s custody. Celeste has made up her mind: yesterday was the last time that Perry will ever hit her (Moriarty 302).


The chapter focuses on Perry’s abusive relationship towards Celeste. It is Perry’s habit to hit Celeste and later apologize with the “gift” of an early breakfast in bed. However, Celeste has grown tired of Perry’s routine, and decides to make an exit once he flies to Hawaii.

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