Big Little Lies
Liane Moriarty
Contributed by Greta Venegas
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Chapter 68

Jane goes to Blue Blues café in the heavy rain, but soon realises that it is closed (Moriarty 307). On her way back to the car, Tom sees her and calls her back. He welcomes her into his apartment, and offers her some of his tracksuits pants to wear since she was soaked from the pouring rain. Jane realizes that Tom is into jigsaw puzzles, something that Jane’s family has an obsession over. The two walk to the table and start putting the pieces together as Jane eats pumpkin soup (Moriarty 308). Tom realizes that Jane’s new haircut makes her look great — a response she had expected because of her belief that he is gay. Tom looks surprised and states that he is straight. They both start blushing and continue with the jigsaw puzzle (Moriarty 310).


The author suggests that Jane has finally started opening up towards men. Since the night at the bar with Saxon, she had suppressed any feelings that could lead to a possible encounter. In addition, Jane had allowed herself to develop affection towards Tom because she thought he was gay.  However, upon learning that he was straight, both Jane and Tom realize that they had feelings for each other — to which they both respond by blushing. 

Half an Hour before the Trivia Night

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