Big Little Lies
Liane Moriarty
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 7

In a confrontation, Jane attempts to defend her son by saying that Ziggy would never hurt another child. On the other hand, Renata indicates that her daughter has never lied and assures Jane that Amabella is telling the truth. Madeline intervenes and requests Renata to let the issue slide, since both Amabella and Ziggy were just kids. Nonetheless, Renata swings her head and glares at Madeline telling her to mind her own business (Moriarty 50). Although Madeline and Renata are friends, there has always been some sort of competition between the two mothers. Eventually, Amabella tells her mom that it does not matter whether Ziggy apologizes or not.

Before Renata takes her daughter home, she sternly warns Ziggy to refrain from ever touching her daughter. Ziggy looks up at her mother and says that he does not want to come to school anymore.


The author reveals the existing competition and conflict associated with school mothers. It is obvious that kids often get into scuffles, leading to confrontations between parents while defending their children. Moriarty shows the readers what happens in normal society, particularly among school mothers, who seem to be competing socially and economically. Simply because Madeline and Renata’s jobs are different, they each attempt to prove the other as being less superior.

Five Months before the Trivia Night

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