Big Little Lies
Liane Moriarty
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 74

Celeste sees Perry chatting charmingly to the other parents. However, she is well aware that once they get home, Perry will be violent and try to hurt or even kill Celeste. Trying to leave him was one thing, but leasing an apartment was a betrayal and, therefore, humiliating to Perry (Moriarty 331). Celeste and Jane step out onto the balcony to talk. The tiles are wet and slippery. Celeste informs Jane that Max has been the bully and she plans to tell everyone that Ziggy was innocent. In response, Jane says she already knows about it and requests Celeste not to worry since the matter will be sorted. Bonnie and Nathan join them on the balcony, and Celeste apologizes for Max’s behavior. Nathan tells Celeste that they already know about it, and have already forwarded the issue to Miss Barnes to watch the kids closely (Moriarty 333).

The chapter ends with Detective-Sergeant Quinlan informing the witnesses that they already know the eight people who were on the balcony during the trivia night incident.


In this chapter, the author discusses Celeste’s remorse for not realizing that her adorable son, Max, was bullying other kids. She feels responsible for allowing this to happen and she is ready to make amends by informing the entire school that Ziggy was innocent.

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