Big Little Lies
Liane Moriarty
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 75

Madeline is slightly drunk and decides to join Jane and Celeste on the balcony. On her way, she came across parents talking about the affair involving Renata’s husband, as well as the circulating petition (Moriarty 336). She tells the parents that they are terrible people, and subsequently walks onto the balcony, followed by Renata. Celeste reveals to Renata that her son, Max, is the one who has been harassing her daughter. Shocked and in disbelief, Renata ends up apologizing to Jane for wrongly accusing Ziggy (Moriarty 338).

Ed and Perry later join the groups. Nathan thanks Perry for helping Abigail raise the $100,000 for Amnesty International — who is surprised, and wonders whether it is another one of Celeste’s many secrets. He subsequently claims that Celeste does not work, but knows how to spend his money (Moriarty 339).

Madeline realizes that Celeste looks different tonight. It finally dawns to her that, despite the perfect life and marriage, Celeste always seems a little edgy and fidgety. Jane also notes that she has met Perry before, and she realizes Saxon Banks is Perry. (Moriarty 340). 


The trivia night is becoming rougher than expected. The cocktails have a significant effect on everyone, making them feel a little tipsy. Nonetheless, the many truths are slowly unfolding. Madeline learns that Celeste’s happy life was a pretense to the outside world. Apparently, she was unhappy, but tried to hide it when she was in the company of people — including Madeline. Most importantly, the author reveals that Perry could be Saxon Banks.

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