Big Little Lies
Liane Moriarty
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 76

Perry is quick to dismiss Jane, telling Celeste that his affair with Jane meant nothing. In return, Celeste insists that it meant something to Jane (Moriarty 344). Jane admits to herself that she moved to Peninsula because she knew that “Saxon Banks” lived in the area and had hoped to meet him (Moriarty 342-343). Jane wanted to show him Ziggy, to see everything that he had missed in Ziggy’s life and to prove to him [Perry] that she is not fat anymore. Celeste remembers a story where Perry had gotten in trouble as a child and used Saxon’s name as an alias (Moriarty 342).

Celeste is beyond upset. She throws her glass of cocktail at Perry’s face. However, Perry instinctively slaps her, causing Celeste to fall across the balcony (Moriarty 345). Ed gets between  Celeste and Perry, and Renata threatens to call the police. Madeline is surprised to see Bonnie get so infuriated; she screams at Perry that his children saw him hurting their mother, and that is why they bullied the other children. During all this, Bonnie pushes Perry so hard that he falls down (Moriarty 346).


The author reveals to readers that Perry was the man disguised as Saxon Banks. It is agonizing for Celeste to realize that the man he thought as Saxon Banks was actually her husband, Perry. It is now clear to Jane, Celeste, and Madeline that it was never Saxon Banks at all; Perry borrowed his cousin’s name and used it to fool and seduce young girls like Jane. Celeste realizes that the violence, abuse, and passion were not exclusive to their relationship. Perry is a bad man with horrible temper — and a rapist.

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