Big Little Lies
Liane Moriarty
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 9

This chapter focuses on Celeste; her husband Perry; and their twins, Josh and Max, while in Canada for Christmas. The boys are excited about Santa Claus finding them there. After watching their sons sleep for a few minutes, Celeste and Perry retire to bed. However, Celeste gets out of the bed, walks towards the glass window and quietly admires the serene backdrop — a giant Christmas tree in the heart of the lake, glowing with green and red lights (Moriarty 55). She reminisces the reasons she fell in love with Perry, such as how he loves to surprise her with perfect gifts. In addition, Celeste imagines what her family would do once they woke up. For instance, Celeste states that Perry would post his boys’ pictures having their first white Christmas. Celeste states that Facebook photos would not lie about her family’s happiness. However, the chapter ends with Celeste stating that she will not leave Perry until the twins finish high school, at which point she will end her marriage (Moriarty 56). 


Despite Celeste’s happy appearance in the company of her friends, she continues to experience marital issues. It is apparent that she had planned to leave Perry, but decides to do so only after her sons finish high school. The author creates suspense by making readers wonder what is actually the real story behind Celeste’s marriage. Based on Madeline’s admiration for Celeste’s relationship to Perry [Madeline mentioned to Jane that “…they (Celeste and Perry) still hold hands. And he’s nice” (Moriarty 28)], it is shocking to learn about this revelation.

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