David Sedaris
Contributed by Larisa Brooke

For Sedaris, “Sorry” is not just the act of apologizing, it is also a card game he learned to play as a child. The game serves as a platform that when one picks a card with the word sorry, they get to give a real instance of a situation they felt sorry. The author loves the game since it serves the purpose of bringing his large extended family together. He also adds that it is only through the game Sorry that he gets his niece to talk and have a conversation.

The game helps him learn the personalities and characters of people which has always been his main agenda. The author loves to identify with people’s experiences and derive humor from them. During of the games, his niece tells a story of how much she loved a cat she called Snowy. Unfortunately, Snowy met his demise when he swallowed a fish hook, and her mother eased the pain by shooting the sick kitten. The story of Snowy the kitten is a sorry and emotional story, but Sedaris feels little remorse towards his niece.

Sedaris also narrates to his niece his sorry story about his removed egg-sized lipoma that he wanted to feed to Godzilla, the turtle. As he describes the situation, he is informed by his family members that the turtle died and the body was found. The author feels sad about it, and he decides to feed another turtle his removed lipoma. He succeeds in feeding another turtle that enjoys the meal. He, however, feels terrible that his preferred turtle died after securing the lipoma for more than nine months.


In Sorry, the author highlights the importance of sharing one's experiences and situation through constructive interaction. The game of cards, Sorry, serves as a platform for sharing deep emotions and harsh experiences that ease emotional pain. The author narrates the topic using sadistic humor and details but still finds a way of showing emotion to the reader.

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