Cant Hurt Me - Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds
David Goggins
Contributed by Eleanor Sherer
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David Goggins
Year Published
About the Title

David Goggin?s early childhood was a living hell. To make matters worse, everything about his family looked blissful from the outside while they were suffering. David goes as far as describing his father, Trunnis, as the Devil Himself. Trunnis failed miserably as a father as he was so selfish that he only worked for his own interest and did not care about his family's needs. Despite the various low points experienced by the Goggin family, he did not stop dreaming of a better life for himself. Trunnis cared about making money while exploiting his family for his financial gain. When the opportune time presented itself, David along with his mother, Jackie, and his brother seized the moment and got away from the Devil. Trunnis was the limiting factor in their life who curtailed their progress; hence, they realized that fact and took it upon themselves to escape their situation.

David notes that in order to develop and change trajectory, you have to be raw with yourself. You should be able to accurately judge yourself and tell yourself the reality of your situation. This will allow you to appreciate the nature and scope of challenges that you are facing and work towards solving them. You hold the answer to your own problems and should not blame your circumstances on the challenges you are facing in life. In fact, just as David realized, the solution to most of his problems started with him. He had to change his attitude on life and work hard towards the fulfillment of his goals

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