Cant Hurt Me - Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds
David Goggins
Contributed by Eleanor Sherer
Chapter 9

This chapter primarily focuses on David’s enlistment as a Ranger and his distinguished military service. David notes that Ranger School was so demanding and the standards were so high that only ninety-six men graduated out of a class of 308 candidates. The training program was so excruciating that David and his colleagues lost numerous pounds during the training, and they came out looking emaciated. On his graduation from the Ranger training program, David was awarded the Enlisted Honor Man for his excellent performance. Additionally, David’s classmates gave him 100 percent on his peer evaluation which David considered very highly as it meant that his classmates had faith in him as a professional.

Later on, David decided to join the Delta, which was an elite army outfit. The Delta Selection was rigorous as it required passing an IQ test, a complete military resume including qualifications and war experience, and evaluations. David notes that what surprised him at the Delta training was that there was no screaming or yelling. Also, there were no IOCs (Initial Operating Capabilities) and all the soldiers that enlisted were self-starters who were expected to follow their orders as chalked on the boards in the training ground. David believes the Delta Selection is the best orienteering course in the world as recruits are taught advanced land navigation skills that include even drawing their own topographical maps. As David was about to finish his Delta training, he burst his ankle and he was apprehensive that he would be thrown out of the program. However, he was told to recover and come back if he wanted to.  


Many people believe that one they have reached a particular level in their professional, social or economic life they have made it in life. This is far from the truth. Even after achieving certain goals, a person should still be driven to pursue and achieve more goals in life. To this end, greatness is not a one-time occurrence but rather it is a continuous process that a person engages in. For a person to become uncommon amongst the uncommon, he/she will require sustaining greatness for a long period of time. To this end, the said individual should be in constant pursuit and putting out unending effort in meeting new goals and aspirations. A person must do this to stand out from the crowd and other exceptionally good people in his/her pursuit to become an uncommon among the uncommon.

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