Joseph Heller
Contributed by Sherie Debus
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Chapter Summaries
Chapter Summaries Table
Chapter Summary
Chapters 1-5

Summary Chapter 1: The Texan

Hoping to avoid the violence involved in World War II, a...

Chapters 6-10

Summary Chapter 6: Hungry Joe

Hungry Joe has flown fifty missions, but the orders to ...

Chapters 11-16

Summary Chapter 11: Captain Black

Captain Black is happy to hear the news that Colone...

Chapters 17-21

Summary Chapter 17: The Soldier in White

Yossarian has gone back to the hospital. Whi...

Chapters 22-26

Summary Chapter 22: Milo the Mayor

We finally glimpse the meaning of the mysterious r...

Chapters 27-31

Summary Chapter 27: Nurse Duckett

The following morning, Yossarian puts his hand up N...

Chapters 32-37

Summary Chapter 32: Yo-Yos Roomies

The cold weat...

Chapters 38-42

Summary Chapter 38: Kid Sister

In order to avoid anyone being able to sneak up on him...

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