Crippled America
Donald J Trump
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
Chapter 1

In this chapter, the author introduces the various ‘undesired’ positions and characteristics that the US was exhibiting at that moment--Which moment? He does this by referring to and comparing various prominent characters in the history of the US, including former presidents such as Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan. Focusing on the traits of the different characters and the different undertakings of the US over time, the author, in this chapter, focuses on the theme of winning. Most often, no one has the wish to be a loser. People often strive to be successful in the respective endeavors they are engaged in (Trump 1). In this regard, Trump tends to condemn Obama’s ‘lack of winning mentality’ and decries the ‘position’ that America was holding in the world. Although a superpower, the author expresses that the US does not hold enough strength and influence to maintain its’ status. He also points out that Obama led a ‘failed regime’ by suggesting that he is not keen to offer repercussions whenever lines are crossed against the US. He reiterates the concept of trust as first detailed by President Ronald Reagan. “Regan said that it is good to trust but more important to verify first” (Trump 4). Notably, Trump suggests that Obama errored in reaching out a deal with the Iranian Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei by trusting him without getting any form of commitment from him regarding the nuclear deal and this, to him, is a “lack of winning mentality.”


Given Trump’s ability to show the contrasting characteristics of ‘winners and losers,’ Chapter One is importantly successful in telling the readers the need for always focusing on winning in every endeavor. The book happens to have been written for the American audience, and this chapter not only stresses the need for winning as individuals but also the need for the US, as a country, to aim at winning in any situation they find themselves in; such as in the Iran nuclear deal situation. Most fundamentally, the author demonstrates the need for the US to identify the specific facilities, resources, and power they have and use them effectively. It is through the move that the country is likely to determine whom to interact with on a continual basis to improve the chances of making the best out of its international relations endeavors.

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