Crippled America
Donald J Trump
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
Chapter 10

In this chapter, Trump talks about how fortunate he is to be American. He stresses how fortunate American citizen are to have so many opportunities and the chance to reach their highest potential. He also talks positively of the Palm Beach house he owns in Florida, the Mar-a-Lago, which he states is among the best built houses and has even been categorized as a National Historic Landmark. He notes that the US offers its citizens the chance to own good assets and attain a better life, just like he has. Therefore, Americans need to be keen on issues regarding immigration (Trump 87). Trump indicates that poor immigration laws are likely to take opportunities away from the American people . He thinks that it was during Ronald Reagan presidency that Americans felt most proud of the country. Currently, a lot has changed, and many people do not still hold the view. Which view?


Trump seems to have written this chapter to touch the hearts of many Americans who felt the pride to have been born Americans. Given the whole idea was to campaign and show the American people that as a leader he was really one of them, and he felt and knew precisely what any typical American wanted, Trump chooses to talk about the pride her. Every citizen would like to be led by a person who knows the issues affecting them at heart and wants to solve them as one of them. As he concludes the chapter, he states “Being born in this country is a matter of luck. Being grateful and proud of this country and what it represents and honoring the people who have protected it is a privilege I am proud to share with all Americans” (Trump 71) This shows how Trump is keen to point out that treasures that the US as a country and its citizen enjoy and why he wants to protect them. Touching on the ‘highly treasured’ country and how immigrants were exploiting them would make some readers from the US think about them as most of them would want to protect them. In this chapter, therefore, Trump is able to drive the reader’s attention to a position where they can start thinking about the importance of protecting what is theirs.

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