Crippled America
Donald J Trump
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
Chapter 12

Chapter Twelve expresses the author’s views on the development of the US infrastructure and describes it as in a ‘crumbling’ state. According to Trump, the US infrastructure fails to hold the standards of that of a First World Country. For instance, he compares the ‘crumbling’ state of LaGuardia Airport in New York to more impressive and modern airports in Hong Kong (Trump 107). He also mentions that bridges, airports, power grids, water tunnels and the rail system of the country are worsening, but little effort is being established to protect or rebuild them. He states that he is agrees with the words echoed by the Former Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood. LaHood believes that the US needs to invest in attaining safer transport infrastructure (Trump 111). However, not much been done to make this a reality. The book suggests that Washington is not offering the necessary leadership to fix this problem of ‘crumbling’ infrastructure.


Continuous development and modernization are modern world trends which almost every citizen wants to see. The author used Chapter Twelve to discuss modernization in the US and how he would ensure that the US would be on track with modern developments befit the position of a developed country that it is. While the country enjoys diverse infrastructure that helps to improve the quality of life of people, most of it is deteriorating, given that they were established long ago. The idea poised by Trump of the need to improve the American infrastructure is warranted. The situation will mean that a lot of efficiencies will be attained in various areas, one of them being transport. It would also enable the American population to find some glory in being associated with the country and achieve a lot of appreciation for its infrastructure.

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