Crippled America
Donald J Trump
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
Chapter 13

In Chapter Thirteen, the author seeks to cement the importance of individuals who uphold the right societal values by emphasizing the idea that being rich does not necessarily translate to being happy. Accordingly Trump asserts that the concepts  of being rich and of being happy are  separate  and should not be confused.   He  elaborates that the happiest people he knows  of are those who stick to their  good values. He states that those who have a strong sense of family, with love for their children and spouses have attained the greatest form of happiness there can be (Trump 120). Trump also underscores  that religion is also a great boost to people’s  happiness. He states that as part of strong values, the hard work is crucial and that people should  have  the strong work ethic he has. He does not work for   money as the end goal, but rather works hard as a way of life (Trump 126). He details that in spite of his busy schedule, he always sets time for his children. In fact, he has dinner with his five children almost every night.


Every society would like to have a leader who promotes desired societal values. Trump uses this chapter to demonstrate how he promotes good societal values and why he wants to impart and maintain these values to the American society. The chapter shows the general fabric that holds societies, both in the US and other parts of the world. Granted, values give people the reason to seek to be good to others and, as well, look out for one another. The idea that a sense of family and values accords people true happiness has also been presented. Trump promotes the existence of traditional American societal values acquired through proper upbringing of children by parent. He demonstrates how he was brought by his parents in the ‘proper way,’ how he brings up his children and why he would love this to continue being there for the coming generations. He states “My work ethic came from my father. I don’t know anybody who works harder than I do. I’m working all time. It’s not about the money – I just don’t know a different way of life, and I love it. I raised my kids the same way my father did” (Trump 85). This shows how societal values provide reasons for a society to exist rather than focusing on other things such as just amassing large amounts of wealth for individual benefits. Proper values provide happiness and a sense of humanity. Thus, people are bound to establish that they are living more for others as opposed to just their justification and maintaining desired values is paramount for any given society.

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