Crippled America
Donald J Trump
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
Chapter 14

Chapter Fourteen talks about a new approach which the author suggests should be adopted in the White house. Trump mentions that there is the need to adopt some level of business acumen into the various practices that take place within the White House. He also states that, unlike the then President of the US, Obama, he was out to stand up for his country and did so proudly (Trump 142). Trump indicates that he has been an advocate for the America that won. He appears to be more optimistic with his view in the way he details the opportunities that lie within the country (Trump 147). Trump also mentions that people are currently interested in quality things. Thus, the US needs to go out for quality. Trump also mentions that the US needs recognition (Trump 149). Additionally, he points out that Putin and Iran ignored Obama and that marked a show of lack of strength at leadership which he was seeking to bring to the White House.


Having regarded himself as a contestant who was not so much into politics, Trump uses Chapter Fourteen to demonstrate the importance of adoption of a business strategy in the leadership of the US. According to Trump, this idea measure would ensure that the various sectors of the country are likely to attain some level of growth. The President would also have the ability to push for the enactment of laws that improve upon the economic situation of the country. As a world leader, the US needs to make both the world and people within feel the effect of its wealth. The American population, thus, needs to have a feeling that it has attained increased wealth, which it can use to meet the different needs it has, and he is keen to tell the readers that he would push for that if elected president.

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