Crippled America
Donald J Trump
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
Chapter 15

In Chapter Fifteen, Trump notes of the surprises that he gave the media in most of his media appearances. According to the author, most people within the media were apprehensive of the fact that he would ever run for Office. The main problem they indicated what that ethics in the government would require Trump to disclose his financials, something that he has always been afraid to do (Trump 164). Some of the media personnel he mentions include Jonah Goldberg of the National Review and Kyle Smith of the New York Post (Trump 167). Through his sentiments, Trump states that the media is always dishonest and normally keen on making a profit as opposed to telling people what the truth is. He mentions that, albeit the negative taste that the media has towards him, reporters have constantly been following him to get his statements and interview him for the money (Trump 172). The actions of the media, therefore, appear to be contrary to the ethics that they constantly refer to.


Trump’s resilience can also be seen as one reads in Chapter Fifteen of this book. He uses this chapter mainly to demonstrate the need to fight to prove detractors wrong and why he needed US voters to ‘fight’ with him. People also need to have a strong belief in themselves and their capacity to deliver the event in situations where others hold a very little faith in them. As shown in the experience of Trump, he ran for the office of the President as a time when many people felt that he was joking. In spite of the little belief that the media had in his ability to clinch the seat, Trump managed to show the power that self-belief could do to an individual as he went ahead to win the seat.

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