Crippled America
Donald J Trump
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
Chapter 17

Chapter Seventeen talks about the possibility of making America great again. Trump provides instances of where he had to face some challenges to attain success in areas that people thought he was bound to fail. He mentions about 1974 where he got involved in his first major construction project (Trump 201). It was the renovation of the Commodore Hotel. He indicates that during the time, the exterior of the hotel was dilapidated with its interiors dark and filthy. He affirms that at the time, he was still too young. However, his age did not deter him from taking up challenges. He believed that he was up-to-the-task. Also at the time, he did not have enough money to take on the project (Trump 205). He, therefore, established meticulous planning that brought positive minded-investors and led to the completion of the project, which led to the opening of the hotel in 1980. Trump provides the story to show that he is capable of leading the country to a re-construction foray to make it great.


Chapter Seventeen is a wrap-up of the entire campaign book. This chapter seems to have been mainly written to provide the American people with the hope that they can make America great if Trump would be elected president. It helps to put them on their toes that being a world leader is not enough. Many things within the country need to be fixed to make it more competitive with other countries around the world. For instance, where Trump talks about the county ranking lowly amongst other developed countries in quality of education, he aims to show off the immense work that people in the US need to do to improve.  The Chapter also shows that a lot can be achieved when people in the country become more resilient and keen on improving the economy of the country as Trump himself was.

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