Crippled America
Donald J Trump
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
Chapter 2

This chapter begins by describing how Trump has been a man that the media has hated for long time. It is in line with the theme of “interaction with the media.” The author suggests that the media hates him because he exposed the level of dishonesty that exist within the political media. He specifically attacks at Megyn Kelly, a Fox News journalist over what he believes to be a witch-hunt. Trump prides himself on the idea that the media is attracted to him as they are aware that he is going to respond to all their questions (Trump 6). According to Trump, his personality attracted 24 million viewers for the first presidential debate as opposed to a couple of millions had he e not been running for office (Trump 9). He states that he is not as controversial as people may think, only that he is a person who speaks his mind. Furthermore, Trump argues against being ‘politically correct’ by noting that it is the one problem that ails America: the idea of leaders who are “politically wrong.”


Chapter Two displays Trump as a man who is resilient and likely to outwit the various forms of opposition that are leveled upon him. In spite of the biased media that Trump faced, he did not allow it to get the better of him. For instance, by hitting out at Megyn Kelly of Fox News, Trump aimed to show that he was ready to defend himself accordingly, where he felt that the media was mistreating him. In this Chapter, therefore, Trump is portrayed as a man who is fully committed to maintaining his position and pursuing only what he regards to be ‘right.’ In this chapter, also, Trump is portrayed as a person a person who is committed to providing the best for the US citizens if elected President regardless of any form of criticism he, or the US in general, may face during his term as president.

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