Crippled America
Donald J Trump
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
Chapter 3

In this Chapter, Trump aims to prove why he a strict immigration policy would be positive for America. He describes the negative implications of allowing illegal immigrants into the country. Specifically, the author talks about other countries, “dumping their worst people” on US borders, leaving the country with the worse burden to bear (Trump 11). He says that it is critical for any country to attain a position in which it can control its borders. Trump specifically targets Mexicans, whom he states have consistently manipulated US immigration laws, to their advantage. He reiterates the idea that a lack of impeccable immigration policies can lead to the US citizens losing their national identity to foreigners (Trump 12). Trump also suggests that US citizens have worked tirelessly over the years to make the country successful and it would be wrong for foreigners to come in and take what belongs to them.


Chapter Three deeply touches upon the topic of immigration as one of the hot topics during the 2016 presidential campaigns. Trump is especially focused on reaching out to people on what he would want to see if foreigners should come to the US. He specifically touches on the immigration policy in the US pointing out why he thought the immigration laws, as a resource of the American society, needed to be strengthened. With the many debates that were going on about immigration suggesting that he was against immigrants in the US, Trump points out that he was specifically against illegal immigration to the US, especially as it relates to increasing the risk of terrorist attacks in addition to reducing job opportunities that are available for the regular American Americans. In the book, Trump states, “Let me state this clearly: I am not against immigration. My mother emigrated into this country from Scotland in 1918 and married my father, whose parents had come here from Germany…” (24). He goes on to say point out that he actually loves immigration for the zeal that immigrants have for prosperity. “I love immigration. Immigrants come to this country, they want to work hard, be successful, raise their kids and share in the American dream” (Trump 24). He then points out that he has always been against people who come to the US illegally and are undocumented; “What I don’t love is the concept of illegal immigration” (Trump 24). In this manner, he makes it clear that he is only against the people who come to the US illegally and not the ones who come legally as he advocates for measures to reduce illegal immigration for the benefit of the citizens of the US.

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