Crippled America
Donald J Trump
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
Chapter 4

Here, Trump aims at detailing his beliefs about foreign policy and responds to assertions that lacks experience in this arena. He agrees with the idea that to be a successful diplomat, one needs to have deep experience in foreign policy. However, he also points out that the current state of the world is in a great mess and sothe people who consider themselves as career diplomats have failed at their job (Trump 17). Trumps advocates for a change in the standard that is held regarding foreign policy. He believes it is the only change that is likely to create peace for people and around the world. He notes that his idea of foreign policy is built on a foundation of strength. Thus, the US needs to project itself as a powerful country (Trump 19). The country, therefore, needs to take advantage of the strong military artillery that it holds. It also needs to use its influence to stop the extent of money laundering by some banks that are keen on propagating terrorism. It is through this process that the country will be able to gain worldwide respect.and be able to most effectively influence international peace.


This chapter focuses on foreign policy as an issue which was at the heart of the US voter during this presidential campaign period. The key message the author tries to bring out in this chapter is that for the US to succeed in foreign accomplishments, the government needs to be competent while participating in foreign relation endeavors. In this regard, the author points out that while experience is an essential aspect in making one become an outstanding diplomat, it is not enough; a competent government is needed. He regards competence in foreign relations as being a significant distinguishing strength he had over his competitors. In this regard, he suggests that much of the effort he would put on foreign affairs would aim at protecting the primary needs of the US and consequently improve the status the US would hold in the world.

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