Crippled America
Donald J Trump
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
Chapter 5

In Chapter Five, Trump acknowledges the importance of education in an effort to build America. Trump points out that although his father did not graduate from college as he was busy attending to his business, good education is an important aspect that needs to be considered for the livelihood of any individual. This, he explains is the reason why he managed to finance his brother John to pursue a Master’s degree at Columbia. He was also able to finance John’s Ph.D. at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Trump 27). Trump states that he learned from both his father and his uncle about the value of education and work. He talks about the importance of having a combination of both work and education to attain success in life. This is the spirit he applied while studying at the University of Pennsylvania. However, Trump decries the failing education system of the US which currently stands at position 26th in the world (Trump 30). He states that the Federal Department of Education needs to stop dictating educational policies for states and districts; This is a measure that he would implement which he believes to improve the performance of students.


As evidently portrayed in the chapter, the author is keen to use examples of his own educational experience to bring home the message of education being a strong pillar for the growth of US. In this regard, Trump suggests that in just the same way that Trump was able to get a good education, many people also need to be exposed to the same situation. Examples of how his father and uncle supported him on his educational undertakings demonstrate how essential it is the society and family to support the education life of a person. Educational support may be both financially and through mentorship and this is what he wanted for the US if elected president. The narration of his personal story on education and how his family valued education for its profound importance has actually been nicely used to tell the US why he should be elected president and what he intends to do for the education sector.

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