Crippled America
Donald J Trump
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
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Chapter 6

Chapter Six introduces a hot discussion revolving around the concept of climate change and the use of fossil fuel for energy. Trump underscores that while there is a lot of expert opinions on the weather with scientists blaming the US for climate change (Trump 32), , they are often contradictory making them hard to believe them. Trump states that contradictory to popular belief the greatest threat against the US is not climate change, but terrorism. He details that the concept of climate change is only overrated (Trump 34). For instance, he argues that since the most devastating tornadoes experienced in the US were in the 1890s,climate change has improved for the better. He criticizes the cap and trade policy that Obama instituted to reduce carbon emissions as likely to only push oil prices at inflated rates. Thus, he predicts, as the cost of production within the economy goes up, people will not be able to afford the various commodities they require.


This is another chapter which demonstrates the resilient nature of Trump as an individual as he is adamant about his understanding of climate change as a topic. While most people to be adamant that it exists, Trump provides a separate point of view where he indicates that the topic is more often told for political mileage among individuals. The chapter also enables the reader to take note of some of the touchy issues that relate to climate change as a result of the loss of jobs that may be created with the enactment of some laws that are geared towards reducing the level of carbon emissions to the environment. Thus, it produces polarizing independent opinions of whether climate change talks are healthy for the economy or not, in relation to other problems facing the US as a nation.

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