Crippled America
Donald J Trump
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
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Chapter 8

This chapter focuses on what Trump regards to be the critical leadership role that a president plays for the country’s economy.s. The economy is vital as it brings together all the different spheres that are foundational to a country. The author stresses that Americans should not take fiscal advice from members of Congress who cannot even manage to pass a budget or keep on creating jobs for the masses. He advocates that the US needs a leader who is a strong negotiator. (Trump 53). Trump also notes that bad management and bad politics confront the US. Thus, people are keener on playing politics as opposed to concentrating on how they are going to build the country. He believes that a strong president should bring the right people on board and work effectively with them (Trump 55). He enthusiastically discusses how he went bankrupt during the recession of the 1990s and managed to recover, while most of his friends did not. In this regard, he bears the right skills that are likely to improve the economic situation in the US.


Chapter Eight presents Trump’s message on the importance of proper leadership in growing the economy of a country. As always expected, many people in a country will be more concerned with how a new government will work for economic stability and how it would bring more money into their pockets. In this regards, he points out how he will work to ensure that he has in place a government with people who are knowledgeable in financial matters. For instance, he says that he would ensure that members of Congress are well versed with various economic knowledge. This would enable Congress, for example, to pass laws that would enable the US to grow as an economy in addition to proposing laws that would scale up job opportunities in the country in addition to increasing industrialization. Trump is, thus, demonstrate how he, not only intends to improve the US economy but also the economic well-being of individual Americans within the country.

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