Crippled America
Donald J Trump
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
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Themes are described as ideas that dominate a particular piece of literature. In almost all cases, pieces of literature will be centered a theme or a number of them.
Confrontation with the Media
Throughout the book, Trump aims to show the confrontations that he has had with the media over the years. The main bone of contention that the media appears to have with his relates to the disclosure of his financial statements (Trump 7). He mentions that television stations such as CNN and Fox News have consistently followed him up to gain information from him and gain traffic of view for their specific channels. He mentions that people get tuned in ‘to hear the nasty questions’ that the media ask him. Thus, he holds the idea that the media is only out to benefit from the great personality that he is (Trump 8). Trump also mentions specifically that he is not afraid of responding to the questions that are leveled against him by the media as he sees it as one of the best opportunities to defend himself accordingly.
Making America Great
In the book, Trump showcases the need to rebuild the US and make it great to achieve the status that it has had over the years. For instance, he states that the process, “begins by creating millions of good jobs for hardworking Americans.” (Trump 206) The action will enable more people to have access to the various finances that they need. They are also bound to play a major input into the resources that will be deemed necessary towards rebuilding the country. For instance, the success of companies internally will mean that they will pay more taxes that will be applicable towards the rebuilding process of the country(Trump 209). Thus, eventually, America will attain a status in which it will be regarded to be great as it has always been. The action will also enable other countries to maintain great respect for the US.
More specifically, Trump talks about immigration, decrying the negative effect that illegal immigration has had on the country. While he affirms that it is essential for the country to have neighbors, he asserts that there is the need for walls that prevent illegal immigration. While he avers that “I am not against immigration,” he still goes on to indicate that there is the need for a review of the existing immigration laws (Trump 11). According to him, the move will prevent people who do not deserve to move to the US from doing so. The process will, thus, help to protect jobs in the US and prevent chances of increase in the cases of terrorism that proves to be among the major challenges that the US currently experiences (Trump 13).
Most of the book is anchored on the idea of politics. Trump is keen to show the great level of disdain that he holds regarding politicians. For instance, he states that most of the Congressmen who supported the Affordable Care bill had not read it. They are, thus, only keen on playing politics with some of the concepts in the country that are serious enough and do require concerted efforts do deal with (Trump 46). He also mentions that the US needs to be run by politicians who are well-knowledgeable about the economy more than anything. He states that as the situation currently is, we shouldn’t take any fiscal advice from members of a Congress” because most people have little knowledge about the economy (Trump 54). Thus, it indicates a person who is keen on doing work more than just politicking.
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