Cry the Beloved Country
Alan Paton
Contributed by Cinderella Domino
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Discussion Questions

Which Of The Following Is The Best Translation Of The Word Umfundisi?






Which Of The Following Characters Is Also Given A Proper Name Through The Course Of The Novel?

The Pregnant Girl

The Young Man From The Reformatory

The Wife Of James Jarvis

The Wife Of Stephen Kumalo


What Reason Does Msimangu Give For Kumalo To Come To Johannesburg To Help Gertrude?

Gertrude Is Very Ill.

Gertrude Has Been In Jail.

Gertrude Is Living In Abject Poverty.

Gertrude Is Working As A Prostitute.


For What Purpose Was The Money That Kumalo Takes On His Journey To Be Used?

Retirement For Stephen And His Wife.

Emergencies In Case Of Drought.

Schooling For Absalom.

Building A New Roof For The Church.


What Is The Former Occupation Of John Kumalo?




Mine Worker


With Whom Does Stephen Kumalo Stay When He Arrives In Johannesburg?

Mrs. Lithebe

Mr. Mafolo

Theophilus Msimangu

Gertrude Kumalo


Which Of The Following Does Not Give Kumalo And Msimangu Information Concerning Absalom?


Mrs. Ndlela

Mrs. Mkize

Johannes Pafuri


At Which Place Does Kumalo Not Search For His Son?




Shanty Town


To Which Event Does Msimangu Respond "It Beats Me"?

Seeing The Blind At Ezenzeleni.

A White Man Driving Blacks During The Strike.

Reading The Article About The Murder Of Arthur Jarvis.

The White Man From The Reformatory Exiting Court With The Blacks.


Which Of The Following Is Not A Major Black Political Leader In Johannesburg?

Napoleon Letsitsi


John Kumalo



Which Of The Following Is Not Charged With The Murder Of Arthur Jarvis?

Johannes Pafuri

Baby Mkize

Matthew Kumalo

Absalom Kumalo


Which Character Tells Stephen Kumalo That It Is Better That His Fear Has Turned Into Sorrow, Because Sorrow Can Enrich?

Father Vincent

Theophilus Msimangu

Mrs. Lithebe

John Kumalo


Which Of The Following Does Kumalo Not Ask The Pregnant Girl When He Visits Her?

Is She Involved With Any Of Absalom’s Crimes?

Why Does She Want To Marry Absalom?

Can She Live In A Quiet Community?

Will She Take Another Husband After Absalom?


Which Of The Following Happens To Stephen Kumalo When He Arrives In Johannesburg?

He Becomes Lost On His Way To The Mission House.

He Helps An Old Man Find The Bus To Sophiatown.

He Is The Victim Of A Scam.

He Is Sideswiped By A Car.


Which Of The Following Characters Is Not Portrayed As A Character Sympathetic To The Plight Of Blacks?

Mr. Carmichael

Arthur Jarvis

James Jarvis

Mr. Harrison


Which Character Suggests That Segregation Might Help Ease The Tension Between Whites And Blacks In Johannesburg?

Margaret Jarvis

James Jarvis

John Harrison

Theophilus Msimangu


Which Industry Is Responsible For Most Of The Economic Progress In South Africa, According To The Novel?



Cattle Ranches



Which Of The Following Is Not An Opinion Held By John Kumalo?

He Bears No Responsibility For What Happened To Absalom Kumalo.

He Has Greater Freedom In Johannesburg Than Ixopo, For In Johannesburg He Is Not Subject To The Chief.

He Believes That It Is Better To Sacrifice One’s Personal Well-being For The Greater Social Good.

He Has No Use For Religion And The Teachings Of The Church.


Which Character Scolds The Young Pregnant Girl For Her Careless Manner?

Gertrude Kumalo

Stephen Kumalo

Mrs. Lithebe

Theophilus Msimangu


Why Do Kumalo And Msimangu Walk To Alexandra?

They Respect The Strike Against The Buses.

Kumalo Fears Taking The Bus Again.

They Cannot Afford A Taxi To The Area.

They Are Intimidated By Those Who Oppose The Bus Company.


Which Character Arranged For The Construction Of A New Building In Shanty Town?


John Kumalo


Arthur Jarvis


Whom Does Absalom Kumalo Blame For His Actions During The Robbery?

Arthur Jarvis

John Kumalo

Johannes Pafuri



Which Of The Following Is Not A Reason Why The Young Man From The Reformatory Suggests That Absalom Hire A Lawyer?

Absalom Will Be Punished, But If His Defense Is Strong Enough The Punishment Will Not Be Severe.

James Jarvis Will Arrange For A Vigorous And Unforgiving Prosecution.

Absalom Needs Someone To Prove That He Did Not Intend To Murder Arthur Jarvis.

John Kumalo Will Attempt To Shift The Blame To Absalom.


Which Of The Following Is Not A Disputed Fact During The Trial?

Whether John Kumalo And Johannes Pafuri Were Present At The Time.

Whether Mrs. Mkize Knew About The Murder Of Arthur Jarvis.

Whether Absalom Kumalo Intended To Murder Arthur Jarvis.

Whether It Was Absalom Kumalo Or Johannes Pafuri Who Loaded The Gun.


What Is The Primary Reason Why James Jarvis Does Not Push For Greater Education For His Workers?

With Greater Education, His Workers Would Be More Likely To Revolt Against Him.

With Greater Education, His Workers Would Merely Search For Better Jobs.

Spending Money On Educating Natives Is A Waste Of Resources.

Spending Money On Educating Natives Is A Cost That He Cannot Afford.

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